Other Riverlynx Products and Services

Additional items available to purchase include-:

  • Back Pack Straps
  • Protective Wooden Case for the Lances
  • Spray Discs and other spare parts
  • CDA Carrier (Turtle pack)  This is non hazardous, biodegradable and allows Glyphosate and other conventional herbicides to be used for controlled droplet application.  The droplet size distribution of Riverlynx carrier when sprayed through the Eliminator show that the droplet formations produced were very consistence with the droplet size lying between 260-370 microns.

  • Riverlynx Filling Station – this is an easy to use and safe system for filling your containers.  The system is capable of holding a 20 litre Glyphosate container (with suitable tap) and is designed to fill your Riverlynx turtle packs conveniently and efficiently. 

It has the following features-:

  • Bunded lower tray
  • Includes storage capacity for 4 Riverlynx turtle packs
  • Cut out section enables easy reading of graduated markings on the pack
  • Robust Design
  • Portable, can be moved


  • Servicing – Riverlynx undertake servicing of lances throughout the year but mainly through the winter months.  The lances will be serviced to ensure they are running at optimum performance in time for the spraying season.  For further details, please contact your distributor.